Thanks to the wonderful staff

Please pass on my sincere thanks to the wonderful staff and management of Tenchly Manor Nursing Home in Selsey for the happiest afternoon I’ve spent in a long time.

The reason for the visit was to take my neighbour to see her sister and attend the pantomime and carol service, it was packed with people and I thought, ‘Oh no, this will be awful as I’m not a panto lover or very into carols’.

But it was splendid, the panto was brilliant, very well done and easy to watch.

But it was the smiles and wall-to-wall laughter that made it such a memorable afternoon, as all the staff were so brilliant with the residents and for the first time in a long, long time, I witnessed true care and devotion from that great bunch of very kind carers.

When you read such awful tales in the press and see on the television such awful crimes committed to the old, the frail and the sick, it is very frightening for anyone who has to put a relative in some of the so-called care homes.

To see a gentleman with his two budgies brought out to watch the show was a sight to behold: the birds chipped along with the songs as he did.

We ended the afternoon with drinks and snacks, and I don’t think anyone wanted to leave as this is a home where the customer comes first.

I’ve visited it on many occasions and never once have I seen anything but real, honest, loving care filled with smiles and packed with making the residents the number one priority.

Thank you so much, Tenchly Manor, you have made a lot of folk very happy.

Bill Phillips