The beach is for all

I WOULD just like it to be made known that as a resident of Bracklesham Bay I am for the kitesurfers in operation on the beach. The recent safety procedures of the flags on the beach are well maintained and executed by the coast guards.

Thanks very much to them and their consistent efforts, Bracklesham beach is a great place for all to enjoy.

I am not a kitesurfer myself but love to watch them, find them polite and fully aware of other beach users as far as I have noticed. I enjoy seeing all beach users enjoy the beach whoever they are and whatever they want to do as long as they respect the environment and leave it like they have left it.

I would not like to see the squeaky joint get greased. She does not represent the community as a whole or even a fraction of the community. Please let us be sensible in the safety guidelines that are already being enforced and be slow to ban any community from the beach that may otherwise be entitled to enjoy this beautiful place.

Please take this letter as someone who wants everyone to live in peace and is fed up with the constant bickering. I do not want a minority of the community to dominate

the show. Is it possible that if the kids of Miss MacDonald were into kite surfing, her story might be slightly different?

Robin Askwith,

Bracklesham Bay