The Queen could support CofE women

IN the past week some bishops have unfavourably further amended the proposals for the ordination of women as bishops in the C of E.

The import of this last-minute about-turn could well lead to the failure of the scheme with a delay of five years before the matter can be voted on again.

What a defiant kick in the teeth for the wonderful women who are the worshipping, heart, soul, stronghold and stay of that part of the body of Christ we cherish as the C of E.

I doubt if the women priests affected will all stop work until the bishops are brought to their knees and repent the errors of their mischievous ways, as trade unionists might quite rightly do under such circumstances.

What force has been given to the male bishops’ elbows that emboldens them to further delay the clear wishes of the democratically proven majority of lay and clerical worshipping Anglicans?

Could it be that those defiant bishops who are supposed to be servants to their flocks are misinterpreting the wishes of the Queen as Supreme Governor of the C of E?

Surely the Queen must be in favour of women bishops for England as there are already ordained women bishops in several Commonwealth countries.

I wonder, has the Queen ever accepted the Holy Sacraments from an ordained woman Anglican Communion priest or bishop anywhere in the world?

If not, then perhaps she should make a very public show of so doing in support of the wishes of the majority of her marginalised and discriminated-against C of E women subjects.

Ronald Rodger Caseby

Lincoln Green, Chichester