The state of the roads is embarrassing

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Florence Road is the most pathetic example of road surfacing I have seen in years. The poor surfacing continues up St James’ Road and is getting worse day by day as well...

I feel your article doesn’t go far enough to highlight the appalling state of roads throughout the city. As an accommodation provider, I am embarrassed by the number of guests who comment on the state of road surfaces throughout Chichester and make a point of telling us how poor they think it is.

I am also dumbfounded by the fact there are many areas that have been untreated for years: two examples local to me would be the Portfield Way roundabout, and the bottom of the Oving Road outside the Four Chestnuts, which floods every time there is any rain at all and results in drivers having no choice but to drive through the flooding and soak passersby. It is appalling we should have to put up with this, or that the council seem unable to maintain our highways.

Operation Watershed sounds like a good plan, but surely the general state of roads should not be actionable only after a specific plan is implemented, the situation should be kept under control by the Highways every single year. Is this not the reason that we pay road and council taxes?

The enormous traffic delays, the damage to vehicles, the danger to cyclists; these are some of the costs directly attributable to the state of Chichester’s roads. How long before a cyclist is killed trying to avoid a pothole and swerving into traffic? I am sure there have already been accidents as a direct result of flooding and or potholes, never mind the buckled wheels I am positive have been suffered by cyclists.

I have also been reading about the introduction of resident parking charges – if we are now expected to pay an additional road tax, will the council promise to remedy this appalling state of affairs since this money should be used for exactly that purpose and no other?

Why should we as residents be expected to pay for residents’ parking charges when we don’t receive an acceptable level of service on the roads? After all, you don’t pay a gardener to come and sit in your garden, they are there to actually do the job you pay them for.

Robin Feild

Oving Road