They work very hard

I WOULD like to thank P Walker for the comments that were made in last week’s paper about the Almodington Glass House building that was turned down by the district council.

I too work with a very mixed bunch from all over the world and it’s been a real pleasure to find out about different cultures, religions and life in general in the world outside of Sussex – and they all work very hard.

They have to be at death’s door to miss a day at work.

They also pay income tax, National Insurance and contribute to the coffers of lots of local shops.

They also keep a lot of property in use for their housing needs by paying rent and council tax.

It’s not free to them as we are led to believe by some national broadsheet newspapers.

As for the ‘idle talkers’ in the pub, well it doesn’t take much to work out who they are or the pub they prop the bar up in,

I just hope on May 5 that the main culprit is drowning his/her sorrows at the same pub as ‘Idle Talk Costs Votes’.

You would not be able to talk about other sub-Mediterranean cultures the way this little gang of four talked insultingly about these very decent folk from Eastern Europe.

Bill Philips,