Three cheers

Three cheers, someone has finally realised that us OAPs are living on a fixed income.

When I was working for the NHS as a nurse we were all given computer training, my argument at the time was if you’re a ‘hands-on’ nurse, you should be with the patient, not sitting at a desk staring at a screen.

So they employed ward clerks who would answer the phone and do what was needed on the computer.

Not only can I not afford a computer, smart phone or any other gadget, I hate time-wasters.

Who’s cooking the dinner or doing the housework or shopping?

I think in this modern age of ours the NHS says you must keep fit, do lots of exercise, eat healthy.

People are working all hours God sends and now I read in this very same paper about Tesco and their new idea of drive-through shopping.

The art of communication by one human being to another is dead and buried.

People talk to machines.

What happened to the telephone?

When a computer breaks down, shops, trains and I know the post office have to close, because nobody can do sums in their heads and do not know how to use a paper or pen.

What I would like to see is a computer pool, where elderly people can go in and get help from someone to send their emails for them.

People these days are selfish, no manners and very ignorant.

I am quite happy at the way things are and so are a lot of my friends who can do without computers, smart phones or indeed a mobile phone of any description.

Just recently a friend of mine who lives in Kent asked me about a business in Bognor that deals with the pastimes hunting and shooting.

This friend does not have a computer, so I said I would find this business for him and tell him where in Bognor it was situated.

When I rang the business all I was told is the hours they work and any information can be found on the internet.

When I told them about my friend having no computer, your words sprang to mind (tough), their address might be on Chichester Road, but I have yet to find them.

Penny Hobday

Bradshaw Road