Toilet views

I have written in the past on the proposed closure of public toilets in the city centre. I cannot comment about others proposed around the district but closure within the city would be ill-advised.

There does not seem to be any joined-up thinking from the council.

On one hand they want to promote visitors to the city and on the other increase parking charges, reduce bus services, close toilets and seem to do everything to dissuade trade.

Businesses within the city centre already have a difficult task getting customers through their doors with hurdles of rail crossings and scattered car parks to deter them. And when the weather is bad, Chichester is a no-go area with little shelter and flooded roads.

Chichester city centre is unique and needs to be preserved. Most other town centres throughout the UK are scourged with massive shopping malls that all look the same and have no character, but they do have ample parking... and TOILETS.

Also in last week’s Observer you invite comments on the civil service strikes and I should like to briefly tell them: ‘welcome to the real world’. My last five years of employment before being made redundant was without any pay increase and a complete collapse of my pension due to the stock market collapse. No gilt-edged final salary-related pension for me. The private sector taxpayers can no longer afford to support you!

Michael Galvin

West Street,