Too much focus on expensive inefficient energy

‘Better than wind turbines’, said one visitor of the proposed Lavant solar panel site. That about sums up the advantage of this proposal. Renewable energy and its supposed benefits are one huge confidence trick.

Landowners and energy companies are laughing all the way to the bank with our money. The fact is energy generated by sun and wind is both expensive and inefficient. Worse, it will do nothing but make a small dent in our overall electricity needs, making our dependency on fossil fuels inevitable for the foreseeable future.

Meanwhile the politicians who fell into line behind the EU’s flawed and fatuous reasoning to promote renewables can convince us that we are approaching a meaningless and worthless green target.

The result meantime is the wholesale blanketing of productive farmland under panels and the destruction of many beautiful and historic landscapes with turbines.

The proposed nuclear reactor at Hinckley Point will generate power for five million homes. We only need to recommission the old atomic energy plants and convert a few of the largest coal-powered plants to provide all the energy we need without ever generating another tonne of carbon dioxide.

Politicians should need no prompting; solar and wind energy are tinkering at the edges. To make a significant and lasting impact to reducing CO2 emissions, the only way forward is by getting nuclear plants up and running as soon as possible.

Steve Haynes

Goodwood Gardens