Totally agree

Having read Duncan Barkes’ article in the Chichester Observer recently with reference to the internet and senior citizens, I would like to state I totally agree with his comments.

Twice in recent years myself and a friend have enrolled into courses for basic (idiots’ level) first stage, ie how to email and the simple things for beginners when using a computer.

We attended two courses at different venues in Selsey: one in Hillfield Road and one in what used to be known as Manhood school.

Both times we were put on spreadsheets when we attended, having asked to be taught basics including emailing and other simple tasks.

Even when we pointed out this was not what we wanted, we were ignored.

During one session, one student aged 70 was allowed to monopolise the whole session by talking about a big metal spider that he had seen on the TV.

The tutor made no attempt to stop him, thus the whole session was totally ruined for everyone.

It is now 2013 and we still have not learnt how to use the internet, as there do not appear to be any suitable courses within the Selsey area.

I now have to telephone my son who lives 200 miles away to have internet work done for me because, as you have stated, most things have to be done online now.

I feel quite useless and alienated, having considered myself reasonably intelligent and having worked all my life in a workplace where computers were not used.

I feel it is a sad fact of life that our high streets are gradually disappearing (more unemployment) with people claiming they are too busy to go shopping.

I always did a full-time job and still managed to go shopping with kids in tow.

Maybe the government should consider offering euthanasia to any non-silver surfer when they retire, to get them out of this internet-dependent world.

I have made enquiries within the Selsey area with the view to learn about the internet and find I would have to pay privately at great expense.

Unfortunately, Mr Cameron has not budgeted for this in my state pension.

NB: this email I dictated to my son who kindly has sent this to you.

A Kendrick