Tour de Bognor?

Having moved into Bognor to retire I feel I must put pen to paper about the dangerous habits of walking on the promenade: do be aware that cyclist sign seem to be missing and no warnings are given to the general public of these dangers.

It appears we the public do not read the signs on the ground that it is not allowed, and all ages and genders and nationalities appear to disregard totally these writings. Until somebody gets hurt I suppose nothing will be done, but to be partially blind and a little deaf (old age) it is very intimidating to be passed by the Tour de Bognor every time you wish to enjoy the very pleasant surroundings of the seafront. Does anybody know who enforces these signs on the ground, as police and offshore officers do not stop the offenders, or even challenge them?

It is bad enough travelling the A259 to Chichester, only to find the tailback is due to a cyclist not using the cycle path, again not enforced, after spending so much of the taxpayers money on making the cycle path, surely they should use it, but that must be another matter. Let’s take one step at a time (excuse the pun).

M A Turner

Campbell Road

Bognor Regis