Tractors are a menace

I SHARE the concerns raised by others about the increasing noise and dangers of heavy agricultural vehicles passing through the city.

While I like to be reminded that Chichester is surrounded by a rural agricultural area, many tractor and lorry drivers, cocooned in their cabs, seem oblivious of the needs of other road-users, including pedestrians and cyclists, when taking short cuts through our congested city streets.

Recently when walking my dog at Northgate a tractor roared round the gyratory, probably in excess of 30mph, shedding about two dozen potatoes from an overloaded trailer.

I picked up those which landed on the pavement and took them home.

My wife asked me where I’d bought them and I replied that they’d fallen off the back of a lorry.

Somebody must be responsible for ensuring that trailers are not overloaded and that their drivers do not exceed the speed limit.

A potato could have injured a small child or a dog, with unpleasant consequences.

John Templeton,

Washington Street, Chichester