Traffic chaos coming

THE LATEST announcement of a proposed commercial property development on land off Barnfield Drive is one of a series of proposed, or actual, developments in the east and northeast zone of Chichester, and as with the others, not the slightest mention of road improvement.

The route from the Portfield roundabout is now extremely congested for much of the day and is, incidentally, the only route for emergency vehicles to St Richard’s Hospital.

Barnfield Drive should be made part of a northeast ring round/relief road all the way through Broyle Road with a roundabout junction immediately south of Roussillon Barracks.

There is sufficient open ground at the present time to do this and yet there is no proposal or anything on the main development plan for this, despite the large housing developments taking place, or about to, at Graylingwell, Roussillon Barracks and a number of sites proposed in between.

Unfortunately, due to lack of planning, the situation at the small roundabout at the south end of Barnfield Drive, adjacent to Homebase, is such that having allowed the building of the Barn Restaurant and BHS store too close to the road, there is little chance now of widening this route.

Unbelievably, on the transport improvement proposals for the Chichester bypass dated 2004, the section of the original bypass between Portfield roundabout and Westhampnett roundabout is shown as proposed conversion into a park and ride car park.

Where is all the traffic to go during the major events at Goodwood?

The proposal for a housing development adjacent to the Portfield roundabout/Shopwhyke lakes is ludicrous because that roundabout must be improved to a flyover with slip roads on and off. This will require a substantial amount of the land proposed for this housing site.

If the above-mentioned provisions are not made, the whole area east and northeast of Chichester will be reduced to traffic chaos.

John F Wells

High Street, Selsey