Traffic light closure a waste of time and effort

The Whyke Residents Association represents residents who live and work in the south-east of Chichester.

The WRA strongly objects to the closure of the Oving traffic lights on the A27 as in the past year or so the traffic flow across and driving into the A27 lanes has been enormously improved. This is the one safe eastern route in and out of Chichester.

This crossing point of the A27 is vital to the wellbeing of road-users who wish to avoid using the congested and dangerous Sainsbury’s and Bognor Road roundabouts.

The traffic lights sequencing controls the A27 traffic flow and has a regulating/ pulsing and calming effect at the Sainsbury’s and Bognor Road roundabouts. The pulsing allows vehicles to safely negotiate the traffic flow at these roundabouts.

The schemes which are being proposed are expensive and a waste of time and effort. Funding that has been arranged with developers of sites to the east of Chichester should be invested in more appropriate people and environmentally-friendly projects.

The traffic lights should be left alone.

Geoff King


Whyke Residents Association