Trio are ‘eyesores’

I WRITE concerning the absolute despoilment of the beautiful city of Chichester.

I know it is not within the central part of the precincts, but to allow a concrete and wire structure on the top of the Downs, visible to everyone, must be considered to be an intrusion on the conscience of all like-minded people.

I wonder why planning permission was given, but feel it was because of who wanted to build it.

I would like to come next to the extension of beautiful Pallant House.

The way that this was done must be a completely terrible way of dealing with an outstanding building of its type and history.

It does not blend in and is a total carbuncle on the landscape.

It in no way fits into the area and should be in some way made to fit in.

Then we come to the monstrosity in Tower Street.

If I wanted to build a maximum security prison, this would be my starting point.

The point being that this has been constructed close to the cathedral.

How anyone could have sanctioned this beggars belief.

A beautiful and wonderful building which makes my heart sing every time I walk by or go in, has been desecrated by modernism at its most awful.

Three places, which in my view have been spoilt by the planners who have allowed inappropriate development to go ahead.

Can the planners think before they allow these absolutely horrible changes?

This is, after all, an ancient Roman city and while I agree that some changes must and need to occur, it could be done with a little more taste and consideration.

Paul Montgomery

Crane Street, Chichester