‘Tweaks’ to the A27 won’t sort flooding

FIVE HUNDRED homes to be built on Shopwhyke lakes site?

This will mean 500 more cars + to go on the already-crowded roads (remember buses are being cut back!)

The planners then think a few tweaks to the road system around the A27, and most of the road congestion problems will be sorted.

You must be joking!

Where have they been living?

With all the other sites for new homes in the area, the traffic problems can only get worse; a few tweaks won’t sort it.

This is also a flood site – the roundabout near Sainsbury’s floods at a slight downfall.

This was not going to be a problem when they built the road, as they had ways to prevent it, I was told.


Where will the water go now, when they have concreted the site over for the houses? No doubt they have ways to prevent it flooding...

C. Scammell,