Unfairly targeted

... It’s a shame to see the front page of last week’s Observer taken up with a political point-scoring non-story about the cost of the fabulous new museum for Chichester, The Novium.

The Novium may require a subsidy to operate effectively, especially as it’s a new build and has only been open for a short time. But it provides an excellent service with a very small team of committed professional staff and volunteers.

It also provides an attractive and bold addition to the street scene, as well as adding to the cultural mix of our fair city.

The Chichester Festival Theatre gets a much bigger subsidy from both the district and county councils and from Arts Council England (also public money, don’t forget) and I’m sure that amounts to plenty more than the quoted Novium figure of £23.43 per visitor.

I’m not against the Festival Theatre getting this money, I believe all cultural venues should be heavily subsidised and valued as they are a force for good in our society, in this I include our brilliant library service.

Novium has been unfairly targeted and the cost of the venue needs to be viewed in some kind of context.

Howard Change

Salthill Road