Utterly ridiculous to cut Sunday service

In response to Angus Macarthur’s letter regarding the cutbacks to the bus services in the evenings and Sundays in Selsey, I couldn’t agree more with what he said.

How utterly ridiculous to cut this service.

As he so rightly mentioned, how are people to access Selsey if they don’t drive?

Selsey has one road in and out, so very difficult to reach without the use of a car or public transport.

As he said: “To the bus companies, I would say look carefully at your costs and schedules.

“For instance, we do not really need buses every 15 minutes during the day, but we do need to maintain an evening and Sunday service.”

If the bus company and WSCC could work together in this, surely they could reach an amicable solution to cut down the number of buses during the day.

If one works it out, Selsey gets 108 Stagecoach buses a day, plus the Tesco, Selsey Venture and community buses.

To top that, I have recently seen a Compass bus number 150 running through the High Street. Who needs that number of buses?

If they did look at it, they could still run an evening and Sunday hourly service. It’s not rocket science!

Mrs J Poynt

East Street