Vandals should see distress they cause

I HAVE just become a victim of mindless vandalism.

Being a pensioner, I value my car, which I have owned and loved for over ten years.

It is 18 years old now, passed its MOT last week, with a little bit of tweaking here and there, and I have taxed it for the coming year.

On Wednesday morning I had an optician’s appointment, opened my car and saw bits of dashboard all over the floor, the ignition smashed and later discovered the front passenger door lock had been pushed in.

I got a lift to the optician but was very shaken.

The police have been informed and have taken finger prints.

I saw in the Observer many vehicles were damaged over the last week or so.

The cost of repairing my car is too high now: the insurance company will write it off and charge me £100 to get back any remaining value.

I wish we could make these vandals see how much distress they cause to others.

Pat Harris

Newtown Avenue, Bognor Regis