Verges ‘destroyed’

OVER the past five to ten years the general appearance and ambience in Little Breach have obviously deteriorated.

Verges are being destroyed by inconsiderate uncontrolled parking; it is difficult to cycle or drive near the allotments due to obstruction by double parked vehicles.

Rubbish bins are routinely left in the open-plan gardens and there has been a noticeable increase in litter which appears to be due to student activity at night.

The excessive number of crowded HMOs and their rather neglected appearance and the number of associated cars does nothing to improve the situation.

All individual organisations, including the police and various council departments simply pass the buck and there seems to be indifference at all levels.

Other areas in the city seem to have similar concerns.

It is time for our elected representatives to earn their keep and shake up the bureaucracy in the hope that some degree of civic awareness and pride can be regenerated.

D W T Turner

Little Breach