Views on our new compact

I have been an avid reader of your newspaper for over 30 years, and I realise that changes must be made from time to time. However I have found that the 128 pages in your new format a complete muddle which is difficult to hold and keep in any reasonable shape.

Is it not possible to make a centre section, containing the elements that used to be separate, the same size as the new paper - but inside and detachable for later reading?

I have never written before or had cause to complain, but I did write to Richard Williamson a couple of years ago with a query, care of your office. May I take this opportunity to suggest a question and answer section in Richard’s page would be most useful and interesting to your readers.

I do hope you are able to make some changes to your paper, to make it as enjoyable as it always has been in the past.

Mrs E V Humby

Park Crescent