Wake up officials

On February 18, 2011, the Department for Transport Minister, Norman Baker MP, wrote to English highway authorities with authorisation permitting them to use new sign designs for an area wide ban on verge and pavement parking that had been made enforceable with fines by prior amendments to legislation.

West Sussex County Council followed this up immediately and received detailed instruction concerning implementation with DT file reference No. 2311.

Chichester City and Districts must be among the worst area in the south of England for such inappropriate, inconsiderate, dangerous and damaging parking.

It is disturbing that the available solution to this problem is hidden away in County Hall or CDC and is not making residents’ life easier nor swelling county coffers with swinging fines for offenders.

Please, will the Observer mount a campaign to waken up those officials and councillors who should have started taking the much-needed action at least two years ago to make council taxpayers’ lives more stress- and trouble-free?

Ronald Rodger Caseby,

Lincoln Green