Was road painted red to hide the blood?

GOOD to see the 60mph limit on the Old Broyle Road is being questioned again.

I live on the notorious junction with Salthill Road and have helped nearly a dozen victims of accidents here.

Most of these were reported to Sussex Highways who have at least painted the road red so that you no longer see the blood!

In truth, I believe it’s anti-skid tarmac but this issue is still the speed limit.

The other end of Salthill Road is a dual carriageway, has pavements and a 40mph limit.

It just does not make sense to keep it at 60.

Interestingly, a lawyer friend of mind raised the question that if the authorities have been made aware of the danger, and not taken action, might they be held liable in a court case? Perhaps one of your readers with a legal background could comment.

Chris Casburn

Salthill Road, Chichester