Waste of money

Helen Norton asks if the new eye clinic at St Richard’s Hospital is a waste of money (Letters, Observer, October 11).

I too have been thinking the same.

I was fortunate to have laser treatment there two weeks ago and the facility is a vast improvement on the previous clinic.

This appointment had been postponed for six weeks, and my vision had deteriorated in this time.

I cannot fault the treatment I have received so far, having a cataract operation last year which has improved the vision in my left eye, but now I require the same procedure on my right eye.

In the last five months two specialists at the clinic have told me my right eye needs the same procedure, but my GP applied to the PCT for funding and has been turned down twice.

My eyes do not focus together to read as they are now so different and out of balance, this affects my work and leisure time, and there are other problems too.

It begs the question how these decisions are made – surely two doctors at the clinic agreeing that treatment is necessary would show clinical need?

The decision must be based on other factors, I suspect the answer is financial, in spite of assurances from politicians that health care would not be rationed.

I have emailed Andrew Tyrie to see if he can help, and await a response.

I am sure I am not the only person in this position, delighted to see the vastly improved eye clinic, but hoping to see better treatment there, and that the facility – which is a testament to the hard work in fundraising – will not be under-used.

Sue Edwards

West Broyle