Water worries

IT RAINED today, there’s no surprise.

We have not had much rain for some time now, so how is it then that after one or two small showers almost every roundabout between Tangmere and Tesco was flooded?

I entered the A27 at the Tangmere roundabout (flooded), the next roundabout I encountered was at the Jarvis Hotel (flooded), through the outskirts of the town to avoid the flooding on the A27 to Tesco and then began my return journey via Market Street and St Pancras to Sainsbury’s.

At the junction with the A27 just prior to the roundabout was a flood almost right across the road and a notice warning of a flood under the flyover.

This one was quite dangerous – the notice gave very inadequate warning and was placed too near the water.

The chance of vehicles aquaplaning was very real and motorcycles would not stand a chance.

Southern Water are happy to include in our water rates a charge for removing surface water.

What are they doing with our money?

We need an explanation and some action urgently before the death of some unfortunate road user.

It really is just not good enough.

P Rixon

Oakwood Close, Tangmere