We are not being nimbys

With reference to the article about the lady in Birdham who cannot return to her home because of the flooding, (Observer, January 17: ) and to the special report ‘We don’t want any more homes’ in last week’s paper, may I add a few points?

We are not being ‘nimbys’.

There simply is no immediate need for more housing in the district, whatever the government may say, and our council should be prepared to do as our councillors advise and turn down many of these applications.

The truth is there are plenty of houses already for sale in the city.

We have addressed the issue of over-development with our MP who, although sympathetic to the desperate congestion on the roads south of Chichester and the inadequate sewage system, does not seem able to use his influence to persuade the government that enough is enough.

In summer the residential caravan sites on the Manhood Peninsula increase the congestion on the roads and difficulties at the surgeries.

These sites are not shown on any map as development yet they house thousands of people.

The government’s only desire seems to be to appease the developers who make the promise of more jobs.

I acknowledge the problems of unemployment, but bringing more and more people into the area to live in these houses is not going to ease that problem.

The village schools are already full and, conversely, too many ‘retirement’ properties have been built which are now lying empty.

The capacity of the hospital and doctors’ surgeries is completely over-stretched, the sewage situation in our area is almost laughable, and of course there is the continued risk of more flooding if more land is concreted over.

Can we have an open discussion on whether we really need more housing in this lovely area?

Paddy Morton

Elms Lane

West Wittering