We can fight crime

AS READERS will notice from my address below, I am not a resident of Chichester, but as candidate for the new role of Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner I am becoming familiar with the Observer and its news stories.

I noticed in last week’s paper a number of stories of serious crime and road-related incidents were presented alongside news of a series of crime prevention workshops including one on Saturday, March 31, at Brick Kiln Nurseries in Merston. I highlight this workshop and crime prevention activity in general because it forms one of the priorities of my campaign.

All of us can play a role in keeping crime at the low levels most of us experience in Sussex, which in turn releases some of the resources that might otherwise be used to deal with preventable crime to be focused on the horrors of the road traffic incidents and the serious crime such as the drug dealing which featured in last week’s paper.

Ian Chisnall

Prospective Independent Police and Crime Commissioner for Sussex