We can’t all be friends

‘Shake hands and make up’ – this was said to me when I was little.

Was it said to you?

Have things really changed or have they just evolved to be even more ridiculous?

Are teachers being naive?

Are teachers scared?

Or have some just, dare I say it, become too worried about paperwork, they have taken a more carefree attitude towards certain types of disciplines?

The phrase ‘shake hands and be friends’ could not be more patronising to a child – a child who is not stupid, no matter what you may think.

A child knows what they want!

The idea that all children must be friends with each other is the most superficial order to be made in this day and age.

In any day and age!

If two children do not want to be friends, then a teacher/parent/social worker cannot single-handedly rearrange human kind.

Not everyone can be friends with everyone.

You are not and neither am I.

Yet unlike some, I am not losing sleep over this.

So if someone can tell me the point in the statement ‘Everyone has to be friends with everybody’ without using the phrase ‘To keep the peace’ then we shall say no more of the subject matter.

Though you know and I know, the more you push people, the more they shall go against the norm and rebel.

Emily Christine Hennings,