We’re feeling like second-class citizens

I read with interest the article about Parklands.

Are my neighbours and I living on the same estate as Jeannette Knott? I ask myself.

I live in Newlands Lane and have done for more than 40 years.

We were encouraged to buy our house when the government wanted everyone to be a homeowner. Since then, I and a lot of my long-suffering neighbours have been made to feel like second-class citizens whose views and requests seem to count for nothing.

We have a lot of flats in our street and although a lot have been bought, many are still let.

We were told many years ago these flats were only suitable for older people.

Since then our lives have been made a misery with the endless tenants in these flats.

They wreck the flats, make a nuisance of themselves with loud music, and hanging out the windows shouting at all hours.

We have had druggies, drunks, women with loads of kids and endless boyfriends who swear and row, regardless of the fact there are some decent people trying to live here who are not on benefits and have to get up to work, having had little or no sleep.

One lady who has lived here ended up very ill in hospital because of the goings-on of people in a flat above her.

When we complained, we were accused of starting a witch-hunt.

While some of Parklands is nice, there are some roads that are not so good.

There are, at time of writing, two flats empty.

We are waiting in dread what we will have to put up with next.

These flats are transitional. Does anyone care about us? No.

Lesley Cooper,