We’re so lucky

WE HEAR and read so much criticism of the emergency services and NHS in the national media that readers may be interested in one Chichester couple’s experience in recent days.

My wife was taken ill overnight on Friday and I dialled 999 early on Saturday morning. A paramedic was at the door in less than three minutes. He was considerate, efficient and thorough.

My wife chose the option of an out-of-hours doctor rather than hospital. The impressive lady doctor, who was with us in the hour, decided hospital was required and while with us arranged admission to St Richard’s and an ambulance, which was at our door before the doctor left.

My wife spent several hours in the Acute Medical Unit with immediate tests undertaken and then transferred to Petworth ward.

Over the next 72 hours a battery of the most expensive and extraordinary diagnostic equipment was deployed and our worst fears of a stroke ruled out.

There is a problem, but with patience, my wife will make a full recovery.

Our experience demonstrates that in Chichester district we are hugely well served by paramedics, ambulance staff, out-of-hours doctors, and at every level in St Richard’s Hospital, from consultant to the ancillary staff. All of these people were kind, considerate and best of all, impressively efficient.

John Brown

King George Gardens, Chichester