We’ve valid reasons for opposing plan

Correspondent Mr P Walker (Smug and arrogant over greenhouse bid? Observer, April 14) refers to a pub conversation he overheard where pleasure was being expressed that as the greenhouse planning application at Almodington was refused Eastern European migrant workers would not be ‘walking up their road’.

In his indignation Mr Walker appears to infer all the local objectors are a bunch of xenophobic bigots. I would just like to put the record straight.

Workers from various European countries are a part of the scene on the Manhood peninsula. I lived in Sidlesham for a number of years, and found them unobtrusive, and polite when spoken to.

Local youngsters working alongside them on holiday jobs reported they worked long hours for very low wages, and were often housed in sub-standard accommodation. I was never aware of them causing any trouble.

There are several very valid and serious reasons for objecting to this enormous proposed scheme that would be outside the designated area for horticultural development.

For example, it would be situated directly between two internationally-important nature reserves. It would also be immediately adjacent to an area to accommodate a flagship scheme for managed coastal retreat, eventually creating replacement saltmarsh for this crucial habitat being lost elsewhere on the south coast.

The ecological survey carried out on behalf of the applicants was incomplete in as much as it did not take into account the habitat surrounding the site.

Some red and amber data species are recorded in the area and connective natural pathways to allow movement from one area to another are vital to their survival.

Such an enormous development, the size of 11 football pitches, and 8m high, would be a serious threat to this fragile network. Moreover the road system is inadequate for the commercial traffic that would be generated by this large development.

This only touches the surface of the argument. I have yet to encounter the somewhat spurious, and by definition, racist, one of ‘Poles in the road’. But then perhaps I don’t visit the right pub.

Gina Carrington

Winden Avenue