Welcome for bishop

THERE was an article stating that the new bishop of Chichester will receive a warm welcome: nothing could be further from the truth.

By any measure the overwhelming majority of C of E members in Chichester diocese support the ordination of women, indeed there are a few in this diocese who have been ordained for some 15 years.

However, the new bishop does not recognise their validity and will refuse to take holy communion from them.

Bishop Dr Warner has extreme views about women’s ordination which is contrary to almost all of the Church of England; what is even worse is that the two existing bishops in Chichester diocese have similar views.

The appointment of this man to the bishop of Chichester is a slap in the face to women priests and it is difficult to see how he can be their spiritual head when he doesn’t recognise their ministry.

Those who welcome the new bishop are in the minority and it is a disgrace this minority have such unrepresentative influence in Chichester diocese affairs.

RH Simmons

Flansham Park,

Bognor Regis