Well done to Nimbys

MAY I congratulate the ‘posh NIMBYs’ of Almodington for obtaining a half-page article, complete with photos, in the Daily Telegraph (Saturday, June 9). The dozen protesters standing on a wet tarmac are doubtless made of stern stuff, though unlikely to influence the outcome of the current Public Enquiry.

Perhaps those who support the protesters should reflect on the article by Dan Atkinson, the Mail on Sunday Economics Editor, entitled ‘Why Britain is about to join the Third World’ (Sunday, June 10). Western West Sussex

has lost enough employment in the 21st century already so local authorities should be working with the likes of Madestein to eliminate any physical obstruction to their expansion plans.

Even Arun District Council has supported, although probably by default, the expansion of Barfoots of Botley on their Pagham site which now involves heavy lorry movements along the Pagham Road 24 hours a day.

Is not Runcton within the jurisdiction of Chichester District Council? Where’s the logic in permitting acres of glass houses to be erected, by Madestein and VBH, in one rural area but not another within CDC?

Don’t we need food to survive? Don’t we need to reduce our balance of payments deficit to avoid poverty?

Don Lambert

Pagham (formerly of Chichester Rural District Council),

Bognor Regis