Were the planners wasting their time?

RE MORE students for Little Breach. Last year’s petition to the council regarding the number of properties being converted into student accommodation on the Little Breach estate raised 150 signatures from residents opposing the purchasing of affordable family properties by landlords and converting them into ‘Houses of Multiple Occupancy’ (HMO).

On the subsequent council planning meeting on July 28, 2010, regarding three houses which at the time were being converted into HMO, planning permission was refused by a unanimous vote.

Three weeks after the planning meeting students were moving into the converted properties.

The council was advised that students were taking up residence, nothing was done.

So what use is the planning department when the council ignores its decisions?

At this moment yet another property in Little Breach is being converted ready for more students.

I believe on May 5 we go to the polls for the local council elections.

Derek Packham

Little Breach,