Whatever happened to British engineering?

Following Duncan Barkes’ anti-technology comments, I have a mincer which I inherited from my mother.

This is still in fairly regular use for mincing-up leftover Sunday roast to make shepherd’s pies or cottage pies.

This item proudly bears the stamp ‘Made in England’.

The black scissors, affectionately referred to by my late mother as her little black scissors, are still cutting toenails as they were back in the 1950s!

The tea caddy, also inherited from my mother, is still in use and still (thanks to careful cleaning!) carries the label with the name Keith Spicer’s Tea Eight Ounces!

I also have in my possession a set of stainless steel saucepans, circa 1972.

These also carry proudly on their bases the words ‘Made in England’.

Oh, Mr Barkes, whatever happened to British engineering?

Wendy Green

Van Gogh Place

Bognor Regis