Where are the advantages of modern technology?

Well done Penny Hobday (Letters, Observer, February 14)!

I’m only in my 50s and already I’ve had a bellyful of the so-called advantages of modern technology.

My internet provider recently upgraded security, throwing my emails into chaos.

My primary email address won’t send out messages any more, so I contacted my provider using my secondary email address.

I have received several messages telling me they can’t deal with my problem because I have to use the email address I’ve just told them doesn’t work any more – sheer lunacy.

Then there are the supermarkets where managers decide to put staff anywhere but on the tills, in an effort to force customers to use the self-service machines.

The cost for providing service to the customer is already added to our food bills.

In the future, I envisage there will be just a few human beings doing all the jobs around the country, with the rest of us on benefits (if we even have any benefit safety net by then) and further denigrated by a politically-motivated press, calling us scroungers and layabouts.

Brave New World indeed.

M Roberts

Sea Avenue