White House farm, Chichester, should be protected from building of 2,000 homes

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I am writing to voice my concern regarding the proposal to build 2,000 houses on the outskirts of the city, on the site known as White House Farm.

Should plans go ahead, not only will this unique and beautifully-rural area be lost; there is the devastation to the natural habitat to consider as well as the severe impact on Chichester’s already overloaded drainage infrastructure and road congestion...

We have a duty of care to protect Chichester and its surrounding areas of conservation before it becomes unrecognisable.

Though housing is of course a very real need and one I understand cannot be ignored, surely it should not have to be to the detriment of this beautiful city?

There are other options and surely better locations to develop on, where the impact on the natural environment would be less devastating, such as brownfield sites?

It really will be a sad day to see this picturesque spot concreted over.

For our generation and for generations to come, it is so important we take action and make a stand to protect our town’s future.

We must protect Chichester from being exploited and ruined forever.

Chloe Scholes

Old Broyle Road