Who is ‘Cicestrian’?

R WINCHESTER’S comparison of the new Chichester museum (the ‘Novium’) to a shopping centre (Letters, Observer, September 8) seems very apt.

And as at other shopping centres, the rear view is even more unprepossessing than the front.

Three months ago the Chichester Society’s Newsletter published an article loud in the building’s praise; the author was the society’s regular anonymous columnist ‘Cicestrian’.

The latest issue of the newsletter carries my strongly-worded reply.

Unfortunately this too appears under a pseudonym (Horatius), which wasn’t what I intended to happen.

I’m very ready to admit authorship of the piece, which I know expresses the feelings of many people about the dreadful new structure.

May I suggest that ‘Cicestrian’ should now reveal his identity as well?

If he doesn’t, are we to assume his views are those of the Chichester Society itself?

Tim Hudson,

Hawthorn Close, Chichester