Why a badger cull?

THE REASONS for a cull of badgers are not very convincing when we consider that TB develops in cow populations where there is no badger contact.

Plus the fact that TB is most usually spread by the inhalation of infected droplets by too many creatures of roughly the same height living in close proximity.

A scientist recently jokingly remarked that mobile creatures had been invented so that the 30,000 bugs, viruses, organisms etc contained within them could move about and meet other related microscopic inhabitants to improve their strains and help them populate the universe!

The scientific fact is that, like cows, we humans all have TB within us from birth which is kept under control by all the other tiny inhabitants who want a quiet life.

This happy arrangement falls apart in humans and cows when their bodies are abused in some way over a prolonged period.

Just think of cows that are kept pregnant and calving, not always in clean, healthy, spacious environments; and are selectively inbred to constantly give lots of milk initiated by a diet devised for financial profit purposes alone. Could this not be the major reason cows develop TB between their six-monthly health checks?

If we treated the healthiest humans in the ways cows experience, then the result would be the same for dormant TB would flourish and overwhelm their systems.

Thus, my opinion is that the case against badgers being responsible for the majority of TB infections in cows is an unscientific conclusion.

Ronald Rodger Caseby

Lincoln Green, Chichester