Why are so many properties needed?

I FELT I must write about all the buildings going up in this area.

It is said on TV that every year 500,000 people move.

Do they all have to move to Chichester?

Chichester used to be a nice, quiet town and now, to me, it is overcrowded.

Property developers and councils try to get their hands on every bit of land they can. They must be making a fortune.

Houses have been built behind St Richard’s, Graylingwell, on the allotments at Whyke estate, behind the canal at Hunston, Bersted and Selsey, which used to be a little fishing village.

Why are so many properties needed? Are there too many immigrants coming into the country or are people having too many children?

I think families should be limited as in China and a tax on larger families.

We are only a small island and are already bursting at the seams.

More houses means more traffic on our roads too, which are already jam-packed. I am sure there are many like-minded people like myself, who think enough is enough, it shouldn’t be allowed to continue.

Sylvia Randall

Dallaway Road, Chichester