Why it’s better to stick to your beliefs

I’M GRATEFUL to Mr T Hudson for responding to my letter regarding Christian values as he also quoted Mr K Newbery in his comments.

For me this is literary acclaim, at last!

To be mentioned along with the esteemed Keith!

Just because something is ‘legal’ doesn’t make it moral.

The killing of Jews in the Nazis state was ‘legal’ but certainly it wasn’t moral.

Neither do we ask an atheist to pray if ‘in their own mind no God exist’, why would they?

Equally no-one should ask a Christian to perform acts against their conscientiously-held beliefs, as was expected of the B&B owners or even more recently, two Catholic nurses who were sanctioned for refusing to supervise abortions in a NHS hospital.

Further I would invite Mr Baker of Westhampnett to come along, in this year of 2012 AD, to the Chichester Churches Together Lenten programme as we study and reflect on Pastor Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s prison writings (composed before he was ‘legally’ executed by the Nazis).

So far no member of the group has killed any other church member as we share our thoughts together!

Or was Mr Baker expecting the Archbishop of Canterbury to strangle the Pope, (or vice versa!) as they met for Lenten prayers in the Vatican last weekend? Alternatively was he expecting Crosier Combat to the death?

John Hutchings

New Park Road, Chichester