Why plan to build if infrastructure can’t cope?

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The most important issue affecting the local plans for Chichester and the surrounding villages is the infrastructure, our road network and our sewage capacity, neither of which can cope now.

CDC has noted these as ‘constraints’ – they are more than that for those who have to contend with the A27 each morning and those who sail in sewage-polluted waters in our harbour.

It appears we are planning to build 6,000 new homes over the next 15 years when, at the same time, CDC acknowledges the Apuldram waste centre is at capacity and cannot be expanded, and Tangmere can only be upgraded for another 3,000 homes.

So why are we planning for 6,000 homes?

I suggest the council should adopt immediately a policy that no new home can be connected to the public sewage system until it can cope. At least that will slow down the developers.

CDC then suggests developers will be required to contribute to road improvements, presumably through S106 agreements. There is no way such a proposal will provide anything like sufficient funds to make a material difference, always supposing CDC will be able to get a legally-binding agreement when the development is not close to the A27.

Barry Colgate

The Drive