Whyke Road crossing makes drivers cross

I HESITATE to cite an appalling accident to reinforce a grievance, but wonder if there might not be a connection.

Many drivers who use Whyke Road will know if you can beat the gates, you may well save yourself a long wait. In fact, twice daily a wait of almost 20 minutes while five trains, seldom less than four minutes apart, go over the crossing. At Bosham, Fishbourne and other places the barriers rise as soon as the train has passed, the gates in Whyke Road stay obstinately closed.

From time to time tractors pass, cheerfully ignoring the 30mph speed limit, as does most other traffic.

Of course, the provision of a zebra crossing may well help. It will not, however, address the fundamental potential for similar accidents.

Mrs J Carpenter

Whyke Road, Chichester