Will mere mortals be disturbed?

HERE WE go again.

Goodwood running a profit-making event on three consecutive Friday evenings, where people can dance the night away on the highest point of the estate to the sounds of music.

On the face of it, fine. But remember Vintage 2010?

Are we mere mortals again going to be disturbed far into the evenings, nights even, by blaring music preventing those within a ten-mile radius sleeping with their windows open?

What, if anything, has been agreed with Chichester District Council to control the noise levels anticipated by these open-air events?

Have Goodwood been granted planning permission for this business?

If so, what, if any, restrictions were agreed to?

Come on, CDC, don’t just roll over.

Protect us from excesses, don’t just monitor it like you did last year.

Pre-empt a forthcoming noise nuisance, issue a pre-emptive noise abatement notice now.

D Owgan


Goodwood response to come