Wind farms off list

IT IS sincerely hoped that those responsible for planning decisions will heed the excellent news, contained in a statement made by Dr John Constable, director of the Renewable Energy Foundation, that ‘the UK’s planning system prevents development where the damage of the proposal exceeds the benefits’.

What wonderful news that is, as it SHOULD mean no more wind turbines will be constructed, either on or off-shore, in the UK!

Just to remind you:

- Despite the high cost of gas, electricity generated by wind is 22 times more expensive than that produced by a gas-powered generating plant.

- Germany has 22,000 wind turbines and their engineers (but not most of their ’green’ politicians) admit that not one ounce of CO2 has been saved by these monstrosities.

- In order for the lights not to go out, in both Germany and the UK, nuclear-generated electricity has to be imported from France, which has the lowest-priced electricity in Europe.

- Wind turbines do untold damage to wildlife, particularly the bats which eat insects that damage crops.

- Land that has wind generators built on it will, I predict, reduce in value enormously within the next 20 years; the cost of removing the generators will have to be deducted from the pre-turbine value.

Currently, the only way the government can sustain wind farms is by milking the taxpayer, and electricity consumer, to subsidise their gross inefficiency.

Derek Hunnikin,