Work together!

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I appreciate Mr Irwin, chairman, Tangmere Parish Council’s acknowledgement that my response to his original letter, published in your paper, concerning Chichester District Council’s interim policy Facilitating Appropriate Development (FAD) was comprehensively answered.

However, I’m confused as to how my response on that issue occasioned his reply on the separate issue of the emerging district’s local plan housing numbers and allocations.

This separate matter, on which all parishes will shortly be consulted, is one all of us need to engage with and ideally, parishes work on collectively.

I’d be happy to meet with Tangmere Parish Council to learn more of their views and concerns as well as share those we have in the north east parishes of the district.

Working together we will be better informed and a collective voice more effective in influencing this important issue that will affect all of us in the district for years to come.

Councillor Josef Ransley

Kirdford Parish Council

Chichester District Council