Worst elements

I have looked at Dr Emerson’s website Patria, to which he alluded in the Observer, and consider it quite the opposite of a ‘patria’ I would like to live in.

It reveals the worst elements of the BNP in that there’s a list of people he would deport.

This includes ‘failed’ asylum-seekers.

Often people are deemed ‘failed’ because their stories are not believed by the Home Office representatives.

Many have undergone imprisonment or great hardship and have only fled here under duress.

We often simply do not know the humiliation and suffering they have undergone.

These are human people, not just Home Office statistics.

He also wants to repeal the Human Rights Act without suggesting anything to replace it.

And the website speaks of bringing back ‘traditional Christian values’.

So what about loving our neighbour as ourselves?

In the story Jesus told, the compassionate person was the Samaritan, then a despised alien.

What about St Paul’s edict to ‘welcome the stranger in our midst’?

Thelma Percy

Normanton Avenue

Bognor Regis