‘Your M&S? Not me’

HAVING ordered party food from the East Street branch, I arrived on the eve of the party to collect, only to find only half had been delivered.

On a busy Saturday morning, my wife, who has mobility problems, and I had to go round the shelves to see what we could find to replace the missing items.

Having managed to largely ruin my party, I was then informed by head office that it could be down to many reasons!

I was sent a £10 voucher.

I then wrote to Marc Bolland, chief executive, returning the £10 and expressing my dissatisfaction with M&S service.

After three weeks with no reply, I wrote again, enclosing my cut-up M&S card.

Now, after a further three weeks, not even an acknowledgement.

Is it any wonder the same Marc Bolland recently announced a big dip in profits! Your M&S? Not mine!

Bernhard Benham

Beech Avenue, Chichester