Youth club in North Mundham is a ‘victim of its own success’

A NORTH Mundham councillor said a youth group in the village is a ‘victim of its own success’ after damage was caused to a window and door last week by youngsters.

Jon Stuart reported to the latest parish council meeting and said although the window had been broken accidentally, the door to the ladies’ toilets had been damaged during a fight.

Last week the numbers of youngsters in attendance at the North Mundham Youth Club rose to just under 30.

He said: “The window had been broken accidentally during a softball game. The children accept responsibility for it and it is for the children to pay for it.”

The council heard that last week’s events are being looked into.

Cllr Stuart added: “We felt inclined to scale the numbers back down to 20. We want to introduce membership cards and whoever was first to join the club will get priority.”

The youth club, which operates during school term time at the village hall on Thursdays, has a penalty points system and those who get a high enough tally of points against them may be excluded.

Cllr Paul Chivers said: “We are going to get this kind of thing happening at a youth club. There have been reports of litter outside.”

Cllr Stuart said: “We want to build up the numbers more slowly.”

Other councillors said they were happy to see an increase of youngsters attend the youth club. For more information about the youth club contact the chairman club Nick Atkins on 01243 531869.