Youth orchestra hits high note with Selsey lifeboat

Selsey cheque
Selsey cheque

THE Selsey RNLI received a cheque from a fellow branch, towards its new Shannon Class Lifeboat.

On January 15, the chairman of RNLI Forest Row branch Thelma Manning, presented a cheque for £5,893 to Martin Rudwick for the Selsey Lifeboat Shannon Appeal.

The funds were raised at a concert in September by the East Sussex Youth Orchestra, which played at the Arundel Cathedral.

Martin Rudwick, Max Gilligan, Geoff Mellett and Dave Lamdin represented Selsey Lifeboat crew at the concert.

Highlights of the concert included Weber’s Overture to Oberon, Haydn’s Cello Concerto No 1 in C Major and Tchaikovsky’s Symphony No 4.

Special guest was Laura van der Heijden – the BBC’s Young Musician of the Year for 2012.

The orchestra was conducted by Colin Metters, a resident of Selsey and director of Conducting Studies at the Royal College of Music.

Colin accompanied Thelma at the presentation of the cheque.

The money will go towards the new lifeboat due to be stationed at Selsey, which is the latest design of all-weather lifeboat.