Remembrance Day 2018: Honouring Chichester's World War One fallen 100 years after Armistice Day

To mark the centenary of Armistice Day and the end of the First World War, the Observer has compiled a list of names of those servicemen from the Chichester area who lost their lives during the Great War.

Thursday, 8th November 2018, 9:45 am
Updated Thursday, 8th November 2018, 3:01 pm

1914- ANSELL, Able Seaman Charles William; BLACKMAN, Private Lieutenant Ernest Charles; BURNETT, Lance Corporal George W; CHAPMAN, Sapper Arthur Fitzgerald; CLEARE, RSM William; COTTON, Stoker Edward John; DIPLOCK, Thomas J; FEAST, Private Frank; FOGDEN, Sergeant John Garside; FREEMAN, Able Seaman Albert John; HANMORE, Edward James; HELLYER, Leading Stoker James John; HILTON, Private Lieutenant Dennis Sidney; HURST, Lance Corporal L Francis; IRISH, Private Lieutenant Leonard E; MARSHALL, Private Lieutenant Edward; SKAIFE, Captain Arthur Frederick; WALKER, Private Lieutenant Ernest E; WHEELER, Private Lieutenant Charles Edward; WHITE, Archibald Reginald; YEATMAN, Private Lieutenant Albert Thomas;

1915- ANSELL, Private 16151 6th Battalion William Albert Charles; ARTHUR, Private Sergeant Douglas; BAGSHALL, Sergeant George; BENNETT, Lance Corporal Edward Henry; BLANKS, Private Lieutenant Alfred Walter; BRIDLE, Private Arthur; BRIGDEN, Private TF Cecil Herbert;

BULL, Lance Corporal Thomas Richard; BURCH, Private Percy Harry; CARVER, Private Lieutenant Wyndham; CLARK, Private Lieutenant William Obed;

Chichester War Memorial

CLEARE, Sergeant Archibald Thomas; FULLER, N; GRAHAM, Regimental Sergeant Major John William; HANDCOCK, Private Herbert Charles; HARPER, Private G S George James; HARRIS, Sergeant Ernest George; HAYDEN, Corporal William; HOWARD, Lance Corporal Cyril James; IRISH, Private Lieutenant Gordon W; JEFFERIES, Private Arthur; JOHNSON, Sapper John James H; LAMBERT, Private Lieutenant Edward; LEE, Lance Corporal Alan James;LEMMON, Private Montague Hague; LONGLANDS, Private Sergeant Thomas; MORRIS, Private Sergeant William C; PENFOLD, Private G Henry Leonard James; PENFOLD, Rifleman Joseph Percy;

PIGGOTT, Corporal Arthur Harry; ROSSITTER, Private Lieutenant george; SIMS, Private Harry; SOMERS, Corporal L William John Reeves; STONER, Lance Sergeant Frederick Charles; TURNER, Private Arthur Morris; VICK, Lance Corporal Bernard Charles; WEDGE, Private Lieutenant Albert Edward; WICKENDEN, Lance Corporal George; YORKE, Second Lieutenant David; YOUNG, Leading Seaman Alfred Charles;

1916- ALLEN, private Lieutenant Harold Charles Albert; ANSELL, Cecil Raplh; APPLIN, Henry Cecil; ARNELL, Bertie Charles; ATKINSON, Lance Corporal William Henry; AYLING, Private Alfred John; AYLING, Private Lieutenant Alec Oliver; AYLING, Charles George Joseph; BAILEY, Stoker Petty Officer James Edward; BASFORD, Private G Frederick Samuel; BENNETT, Soker Herbert John; BERRIMAN, Private Sergeant Frederick; BILLINGSHURST, Private SD Henry Thornton; BIRCH, Private Henry Edgar; BOSTOCK, Lionel Southey; BOTTING, Private Maurice; BREACH, Corporal Gilbert Hearn; BRIDGER, Private G Ernest James; BROADBRIDGE, Gunner RMA Alan; BROADBRIDGE, Private Barnabus A; BROOKES, Private Thomas; CHASE, Private SD William; COLEMAN, Henry John; DABBS, Private SD Sidney Arthur; ELDRIDGE, Private G James; FAITH, Private Alfred; FITZSIMONS, Second Lieutenant Terence; FLETCHER, Corporal Arthur Ernest;

FOGDEN, Sergeant Charles Henry; FOLLETT, Private G William Cecil; FREEMAN, Able Seaman William Arthur; FROST, Private G Archibald E; FROST, Private Lieutenant Frank F; GLENN, Second Lieutenant Archibald Patrick; GODDARD, Second Lieutenant Sydney George; GOULD, Private William; GREEDUS, Signaller George; HALL, Able Seaman Arthur John; HENTY, Captain Arthur Frank; HILL, Private Lieutenant Frederick; HORNER, Sergeant Arthur Harry; HUFFER, Private William Charles E; JONES, T L (Barney); JUPP, Seaman Harold Arthur; KEMP, Private Hubert William; KNIGHT, Corporal G George Edward; LATTER, Second Lieutenant George William Walter; LILLYWHITE, Captain Robert J; MATTHEWS, Private G Frank George Alexander; MAY, Stoker Petty Officer Frederick William; MCCAUL, Private G Lawrence; MILLS, Able Seaman Edward George Henry; MORLEY, Private G Albert Loraine; MORRIS, Pirvate G Edward Frederick; MORRIS, Private George; MYNETT, Rifleman Albert Thomas; NEWMAN, Private Thomas Henry; NOEL, Stoker Harry; PADFIELD, Private G Herbert George; PAICE, Lance

Corporal Edgar William; PEARCE, Rifleman Charles Frederick; PRATT, Seaman George Oliver; RAPSON, Stoker Petty Officer James; RICHARDSON, Lance Corporal Harold Thomas Burchett; RICHARDSON MM, Private Albert; SHELLEY, Private William George; SMITH, Jack; SMITH, Lance Corporal Thomas George; SMITH, Private William Harry; STAKER, Private William; STONER, Private Arthur Ernest; SYMONDS, Private Harold George; TAPLIN, Private G Leonard; TAYLOR, Private G James Harper; TILLEY, Private Ernest Sidney; TRODD, Private G William G; TURNER, Private G Ernest; TURNER, Stoker William; WARNER, Sapper Charles William John; WEBB, Private G Thomas H; WELLCOME, Private SD Walter; WHITE, Private G Albert; WILLARD, Private Harold Hubert; WINGHAM, Gunner Arthur Ernest;

1917- APPLIN, Private William Arthur; ARNELL, Sergeant Albert Colin; BACON, Private Frank William; BAKER, Private Sefton Charman; BIGNELL, William Henry; BISHOP, Private John Archibald; BLACKMAN, Private Reginald Percy; BOWDEN, Pioneer Charles; BRENTON, Private Percy Victor Samuel; BUCKLAND, Lance Corporal Alfred John; BUDD, Lance Corporal Thomas William; BUDD, Private Reginald; BUNCE, Sergeant Frederick; BURTON, Corporal William Miles Pascoe; CATES, Lieutenant Athol; CHALLEN, Private TF Benjamin; CHUNN, Lance Corporal Earling Victor; CLARKE, RSM Frederick; COLLINS, Private Harry Osborn; COLLINS, Private Wilfred Avery; COOPER, Private Frederick; CUTTEN, Private Frank; DEWEY, Private Francis Cecil; DUDMAN, Private William James; EADE, Private TF Arthur J; EDWARDS, Private Victor Charles; ELLIOTT, Private G Ernest Arthur; FITZSIMONS, Corporal John; FLETCHER, Private G Henry; GLUE, Private William; GOBEY, Private Thomas; GODDEN, Private G Charles Tower Rayson; GREENSHIELDS, Lance Corporal G Archibald; HACKETT, Lance Corporal William J; HARPER, Sergeant G Horace Andrew; HAWKINS, Private T F Edward W; HEWSON, Private G Frederick G; HODGE, William George; HOLLIST, Private G Arthur; HOPKINS, Lance Corporal George Sidney; HOTSTON, Private TF Gordon Harry; JASPER, Private Frederick George; JEFFERIES, Private G James; KING, Private Reginald Mark; LEACH, Rifleman George; LEACH, Private SD William; LYDDALL, Lance Corporal Herbert Percy Sidney; MANNERS, Private G Herbert John; MILES, Major Harry William; MORRIS, Private Thomas; NORTH MM, Sergeant Charles; NOYCE, Private Frederick William; PARSONS, Private Frederick Charles; PEARSON, Private Frank; PICKARD, Private TF Edwin James; PLATT, Lance Corporal Arthur William; POULTER, Private John Alfred; RALPH, Private Horace Sydney; RICHARDS, Private TF Ronald Sandel; RILEY, Private Arthur James; ROBINSON, Private Alfred Henry; RYAN, Gunner Henry; SANDERS, Pioneer William Henry; SCUTT, Trimmer George; SHELL, Gunner Arthur James; SMART, Private Robert William; SMITH, Private TF Claude Humphrey; SMITHERS, Private G Albert; SPARKES, Lance Corporal Percy William; STONE MM, Private Arthur Percy; STONE, Private G Charles Hubert; TEE, Wilfred L C; TIDY, Private G Thomas; TURNER, Private G William Edward; WELCH, Private G Frederick; WELCOME, Private Alfred John; WHEELER, Private T F Leonard; WHEELER, Sapper William; WHITE, Private T F Samuel; WHITNEY, Private Albert Edward; WICKENDEN, Private Francis Ralph; WILLMER, Able Seaman Walter George;

1918-ALLEN, Lance sergeant Albert; ASLETT, Guardsman Arthur; AYLING, Lance Corporal George; AYLING, Private G Harry Walter; AYLING, Walter; AYLING MM, Private William; BAKER, Private Albert William; BEAUMONT, Private James Arthur; BONIFACE, Private TF Francis Eli; BULBECK, Gunner William David; BUTCHER, Private G Henry Joseph; BUTLER, Private TF Aruthur; BYLES, Private G George Henry; BYNANE, 2nd Corporal Gerald; CARTER, Gunner Frank Charles; CLARK, Private G William Frank; COMPER, Guardsman Albert Henry; COOPER MM, Lance Sergeant Archibald; CROXFORD, Private Arthur Cecil; CUMBERLEDGE, Private Edwin Arthur; DANCER, Corporal SD Leonard Arthur William; DEVES, Private G Arthur; DURSTON, Private G Harold; EDWARDS, Private G Arthur William; EDWARDS MC, Lieutenant George Percy; ELLIOTT, Private G Gilbert; EVERSHED, Private Sergeant Walter A; FEAST, Private Harry J; FORD, Private Vivian Hebberdon;GARVEY, Private Patrick; GATTRELL, Rifleman Sidney Frederick; GOBEY, Private Charles; GOLDIE, Corporal Charles; GREEN, Private William; GREEN, Rifleman Frederick Charles; GREENFIELD, H R Percy William; HALL, Second Lieutenant Edward Lionel; HALL, Corporal G Harry Francis; HALL, Corporal T F Ernest A R;

HAMMONDS DSO MC, Major Denys Huntingford; HEATHER, Gunner Cecil HERSEY, Private George; HOAD, Gunner Albert Henry; HODGE, Robert Ernest Keast; HOLDEN, Lance Corporal Cecil Arthur; HOPKINS, Private G James Herbert; HOPKINS, Richard John; HOWLETT, Airman George; JARMAN, Private Edgar; JELLETT, Private Alexander Ambrose; KERWOOD, Private T F Owen James; KING, Corporal T F George Henry; LAMBOURNE, Private TF Charles W; LANGRISH, Private G Charles; LAWRENCE, Private William Herber; LONG, Rifleman Cyril Henry; MELMOTH, Private G Percy Frederick; MITCHELL, Private SD Reginald James; PATRICK, Private John W; PAY, Corporal Wilfred Edwin; PERRY, Private TF George; PETERS, Private Thomas William; POOLE, Private Ernest; PRESTON, Private Jesse; PURCHASE, Private G Charles; RHODES, Frank; RICHARDSON, Private TF Richard Miles; RIGGS MM, Private L Albert Charles; ROBINS, Gunner Albert George; ROSE, Royal Engineer WL; ROTA, Corporal John; ROUSELL, Second Lieutenant William Stephen; RUSSELL, Battery Sergeant Major Frederick; RUSSELL, Private Frederick Wallace; SHIER, Lance Corporal Archibald Charles; SHIPPAM, Private TF Albert Charles; SHIRLEY, Airman John Edward; SPARSHOTT, Lance Corporal Reginald;

SQUIRES, Private L Arthur Edwin; SYMONDS, Corporal G Benjamin Charles; TABOUR, Lance Corporal William; THOROWGOOD MC, Rowland William Theodore; TUCKER, Private Hugh; TYACKE, Lieutenant Edward Humphrey; VICK, Private G Sidney Edward; VOLLER, Private William; WILLMER MM, Rifleman John William; WILSON, Lance Sergeant Edward Thomas;

1919- COSENS, Airman Archibald; DEW, Private Walter George D; KNIGHT, Private Sergeant William George; MAY, Leading Stoker Charles Alfred;

STRUGNELL, Sapper Charles;

1920- AYLING, Leading Stoker Harry Thomas; BARNES, Sergeant A; CLIFTON, Private G Joseph Richard;

Year unknown- ATTIS, MM, Royal Sussex Regiment G; ALLEN, Royal Army Service Corp C; BIRCH, E; BRIDLE, A J; BROOKS, Thomas; CHEETHAM, T;. COTTON, E H;


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